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This will be an archive of the alternate reality game running through Pronunciation Book, Horse_Ebooks, and Bear Stearns Bravo. This project is far too big for my friends and myself to handle our selves, so we will archive what we feel to be the most important parts. We will also become something of a Nexus of analysis, linking together the most in depth and straightforward wikis to have popped up regarding each aspect of the ARG.


Youtube ChannelEdit

Early VideosEdit

"How to Pronounce . . . "
Phrases Narrative (Starting with "How to Ask for Help in English")

The CountdownEdit

Game-Changer -> Day 77
The Spectrograpic Image
Game-Changer #2 -> Day 36
Let's Talk About Systems (Tumblr page)
Video Royale
The 77 Days Wiki Covers the possible connections between Pronunciation Book and Video Royale, particularly those connections resulting from posts on both channels in connection to the Let's Talk About Systems Tumblr.
The Reveal -> "How to Pronounce Horse_ebooks"


Bear Stearns BravoEdit

Latest activityEdit

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